Dust Suppression Trucks

Dust suppression vehicle is a kind of special vehicles which can control dust pollution by spraying water. It mainly serves railway, road and other places with high dust incidence. In terms of structure, dust suppression vehicle  is composed of swing arm spraying device, liquid storage tank, chassis and control system.

Dust suppression vehicle is used for prevention and control of coal dust pollution in railway coal transportation, and also widely used for preventing dust pollution in other bulk materials transportation process, as well as slag yard, coal storage yard, construction site, coal dust transportation by automobile, sand fixation, steel and building materials, cement, ecological slope protection of various open stock yard in enterprises.

When the coal is transported by train, the dust suppressant can solidify the coal on each train to form a protective film and reduce pollution.

Dust suppression vehicle with sprinkler function, can achieve 360 degree rotation in spraying operations, rear platform anti-aircraft guns can be rotated at the same time, and can be operated by electronic remote control.

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